Grizz Growls: Gearing up for the new season


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I'm excited about the new school year and the upcoming season.

Grizzlies’ fans, what is up? It’s been a little bit of time since I last checked in so I wanted to make sure to drop in and say what’s up to all my peeps! I guess you can say my hibernation break is officially over and I’m starting the tasks of getting ready for the new season. I meet this time of year with a bag of mixed emotions, we all know I like lying around, eating and being lazy but at the same time I love the anticipation of the new season and all that goes along with it. Sooooo much stuff to do and your new school year getting started this month and also start of Grizzlies training camp in less than two short months. Now, I know what you’re all thinking. “What in the heck does Grizz need to do to get ready for the upcoming season?” Well more than you know, that’s what!

First off, I’d like to say how excited I was to know that my boy Rudy was coming back to continue his career right here in Memphis. To be honest with all of you, there was never any real doubt in my mind that we would get the deal done. I tried to convince him to hold his own hour long “decision” special when we were working out in the weight room, but he put the squash on that real quick. One thing for sure is he is pumped up to be part of Team USA! I know how hard he has worked this off season and from what I hear from the scouts with the national team it is paying off. I think Rudy is going to prove to everyone this season why he is considered one of the elite players in this league. On a side note I tried to convince him to bring me back some team USA socks from their training camp, so hopefully he’ll make it happen but I’m not holding my breath. Hey at least I got the hook up here with our equipment guy Chuck! Good looking out Chuck!!

Man,I am so pumped for the season to start, everyone knows what great strides the Grizzlies made last season and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this year. It’s still hard for me to believe that we were able to lock down Tony Allen. Going into the free agency period that was one guy that I thought for sure the Celtics were going hang on to. Did you see some of the NASTY blocks and dunks he had during the NBA Finals this year. It is easy to see what a guy with his skill level and athleticism can do when healthy, and I for one am fired up to see what he is going to do this season for the good guys.

So while we're gearing up to hit the court, several of you guys are gearing up to hit the books and go back to school. Are you ready for it? Remember to do your best every day and Read to Achieve! Back-to-school time means that it's also time for my returning Grizz Kids Club members who are 12 and under to renew their memberships. I hope we'll see you again this season because there will be a bunch of really cool opportunities for members of my elite club. Who knows? A special behind-the-scenes Grizzlies locker room tour might be in the mix. For you rookies who don't know about my Grizz Kids Club yet, you can visit this page to learn more and stay tuned for your chance to sign up.

Also, I just got finished with my highlight video from this past season. Let me know what you think of it.

'Til next time, folks!

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